How To Sell Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods Online?

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The unforeseen emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has, indeed, been disastrous for various organizational segments. However, it has also helped many entrepreneurs to invoke their creative persona and try something new. And, the uprising of the bottled and jarred packaged goods business is an ideal example of it.

So, like many others, are you, too, considering beginning an online store of boxed package goods? Well, it’s a great idea. And, if you can pull it off, this trading culture can offer some sustainability to your life as well. But, starting a business from scratch isn’t easy by any means. To be successful in your venture, you’ll need to be strategic, innovative, and implement a flexible marketing psyche.

Do you need some help in this regard? Well, then let us tell you something. You’ve come to the right place. This article will shed light upon different topics like -

● What is the reason behind the massive popularity of the bottled and jarred packaged goods business?

● What are the types of bottles and jars used in this trading culture?

● How do you make your business successful?

Sounds promising, right? So, let’s start with our discussion right away!

What Is The Reason Behind The Popularity Of The Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods Business?

Looking back to a few years ago, the bottled and jarred packaged goods businesses were nowhere to be found in the market. Hence, the uprising of this trading genre might seem like an accident to you. But that’s not true.

The boxes and jars can be quite beneficial for users, both passively and actively. Keep reading to know more!

1. Excellent Preservation

Most bottled and jarred packaged goods usually come in a glass container. Therefore, you can keep your food in them for a prolonged period. Also, unlike plastic, glass does not cause any chemical reaction to the foodstuffs. So, the risk of food poisoning will be almost non-existent.

2. Extra Storage

Unlike the plastic jars for packaging, the glass-made models can be kept for a prolonged period if you are careful. So, if you want, you can store other food items or anything else in them. There is no need to invest in another extra storage material.

3. Hygienic

Most of the jarred or canned package goods tend to be pretty hygienic. The overall food quality also stays intact in these modules due to their constructional outlook. Due to this reason, packaging goods have become so popular during the era of COVID-19.

4. Easy To Store

The bottles for packaging generally come in various shapes and sizes. Some of these can be a little huge, while others tend to be small and pretty compact. So, they will be pretty easy to store, even in a short-spaced kitchen, as well.

What Are The Types Of Bottles And Jars Used In This Trading Culture?

Before you begin your bottled and jarred packaged goods business, you need to consider the type of packaging material you want to use. This section will offer you some insights into three different choices.

But, remember, each of them will have its own advantages and disadvantages. So, pick your poison wisely!

1. Glass

Glass is probably the most frequently-used material amongst the bottled and jarred packaged goods. They usually come in various shapes and can be used as an excellent storage option. However, most glass-made bottles tend to be pretty heavy yet fragile. So, try to be careful while handling them.

2. Victorian

Although rare, the victorian jars tend to be much more durable than the glass-made ones. In addition, these models usually feature only a single shape. So, you can recognize them almost instantly. Victorian jars also offer an excellent air circulatory system to keep your food fresh and tasty.

3. Paragon

Unlike the previous options, the paragon jars tend to have a leaner structure. They also come in various eye-catching shapes and sizes as well. However, the paragon jars are not usually used to keep food due to their construction. Instead, you can store liquids, such as carbonated drinks or oil, in them.

Aside from these, you can also opt for food-grade plastic jar models. They are pretty popular and will serve your purpose perfectly as well.

Choosing the material of your jars will significantly affect the core strategy of your E-commerce business. So, make sure to weigh in each of their pros and cons before choosing anything.

How Do You Make Your Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods Business Successful?

How Do You Make Your Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods Business Successful

Making your online business successful isn’t about hiring the best social media marketing services. Aside from that, you have to think about other strategic aspects. Here are a few tips that can help you out in this aspect -

Tip — 1: Understand Your Niche Marketplace

Underestimating the importance of conducting detailed and careful market research is the most critical error that you can make. Hence, if you want to make your endeavor successful, try to begin your journey by learning about your business segment.

So, what should you try to find out?

● To begin with, you need to learn about your audience and what they like first. This way, you can create a strong marketing strategy and effortlessly capture your potential consumers’ attention.

● You have to find out how your competitors are doing. It can help you discover the wrong strategies and differentiate them from the right ones for your bottled and jarred packaged goods business.

● Finally, you should research the pricing stratagem of your market as well. In the beginning, you should always try to offer your services at a lower expense than your competitors.

Tip — 2: Set A Goal

Set A Goal

In truth, a business without a goal operates almost like a sailor without a compass. So, after you have researched your market, you should start thinking about your organization’s aim.

As a bottled and jarred packaged goods business, your short-term goal should be all about creating a vast user base. Once you have it, you can start working on other achievements for your business.

Tip — 3: Create A Well-Structured Website

Create A Well-Structured Website

Have you created a goal for your business already? Then, let’s move on to the next part and start working on your online visibility.

While several online marketing strategies can help you in this regard, we’ll ask you to create a website first. It can help you to -

● Have an excellent 24x7 online presence

● Exchange information seamlessly (especially with your clients)

● Improve your business’ overall credibility rating

● Expand your market and generate more revenue

● Get insights on your customers and target market by using analytics tools

● Spend less on advertising

● Have a better growth opportunity

Tip — 4: Focus On Your SEO

Focus On Your SEO

Creating a website is only the first step to increasing your bottled and jarred packaged goods business’s online presence. To boost your visibility, you have to work on its SEO. Here are a few techniques that you may use in this regard -

● Improve the loading speed of your web pages

● Write high-quality, niche keyword-focused content

● Optimize the available images on your website

● Use header tags on your blogs

● Add infographics

● Conduct link audits and fix any available broken links

● Try creating a mobile-friendly version of your website

● Use CTAs and encourage people to perform an activity

● Write clear and predictable meta titles and descriptions

● Curate simple yet content-focused URLs

● Include an FAQ section on your website

Tip — 5: Keep An Eye On Your Packaging Quality

As a bottled and jarred packaged goods business owner, you must focus on your packaging quality. But did you know you can promote your brand during the process? Let’s see how!

● Use similar coloring in all of your packages

● Try maintaining the same jar shape and size from the beginning

● Incorporate your brand logo on the packages

● Make sure to choose a simple packaging design

● Consider how your package will look on a shelf

● Go for a compact design rather than using a larger one

Tip — 6: Make Social Media Marketing Your Primary Focal Point

Our final suggestion would be to use social media strategically for your marketing purposes. If you are only starting up, you can start by creating an account and offering updates daily.

As you own a bottled and jarred packaged goods business, you can share some potential packaging designs and ask your audience to choose one amongst them. It can help you keep everyone engaged while learning about their opinions.

You may also try hiring a social media influencer for your business. They can help you reach a broader consumer base and create an excellent reputational base for you!


In our opinion, starting a bottled and jarred packaged goods business, especially in 2022, is easy. However, edging past your competitors and making your brand successful will be time-consuming. You will also need to be committed, patient, and follow a hard-working notion.

As a beginner in the world of entrepreneurship, you will encounter various obstacles during your early. But, once you overcome the initial hardships, succeeding in your endeavor will become easy for you.

If you want to kickstart your business grandly, our guide will definitely be helpful for you. However, remember, after a certain period, you have to try new things on your own. Hopefully, it will all work out for you. Good luck!

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